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Workshop, programs, Colleges consulting, international Job opportunities 


Italian restaurant and food shop 

are you ready for INDIA creativity?

What will you develop through FH India:
* a new business or Expansion of your own business, across borders.

Business Design
We can fix every kind of Business in India, or help to expand your own!!!
Social potential
India is one of the most Social community in the World and we know how to use it
Communication and PR
New challenges and developing need a special Communication strategy
Modern application to your sales
Modern way to share our Business skill tru the Net and in real life !!!

Ferramedia India

FH India is Focuses in the Start up Education environment through out OES and SED platforms. Also we are developing Food and Tourism business using Novoalta and GTG asset in India. Ferramedia is an organization that creates cross-functional enterprises of several kind of business worldwide. Ferramedia manages the full cycle of a project/contract , from inception, to funding, all the way through final execution with the support of a strong community of private and institutional partners. 
The Companies that we manage and create focus on collaborative experiences around the world with third companies and business of every type. We like to open new market for our external allies, in doing so we create synergy and values around our brands, companies and partners.

India Mission

Novoalta Mission on 2015

Mr.Gaurav Mishra


Mr.Gaurav Mishra
Operation and Business development 


Company Asset:

Novoalta Food 

GTG Tourism 

Ferramedia Service Agency:

  • India Wine Tonnino operation PDF 
  • Service List Graphic and Communication offer 
  • OES Business School PDF 


India office

meeting, mediation, business mission managing, educational workshop

Mumbai office collaborators

Our super Gaurav, passionate collaborator and change maker!

Mumbai office team

Ferramedia India team, young and talented they are ready to collaborate with you. At Ferramedia Network, we work with our clients to unleash the sales potential of their organizations, teams and products. Through our work both domestically and globally, we’ve developed deep expertise in industries with a complex sale.
Company and sales leaders have no shortage of ideas for what they need to do to improve sales. With so many options—people, structure, process, compensation, management—it's difficult to pinpoint exactly what to do to raise the bar on performance.

India events and meetings

Ferramedia India activities and Business

Tourism Packages ready for India Customers

Tourism Packages ready for India Customers

OES organize Business workshop for Indian Colleges

OES last workshop in Mumbai

OES last workshop in Mumbai

Novoalta food in Mumbai

Our Politics and Public Relation partner for India territory

Navayuvak entrepreneurs is entrepreneurs ecosystem development organisation and works as a gateway to develop foreign business in india with Support of goverment officialx and others mncs.


Modern Consultancy in an ecosystem for Students, Entrepreneurs and Global Businesses. SED Mumbai is taking care about our OES and Edufoodgroup in India.

S.E.D. New event in Mumbai

Ferramedia companies links

Please check the link and ask for more information if you are interested in collaborating with one of the Companies listed below.