Ferramedia Holding Teheran

Ferramedia is an organization that creates cross-functional enterprises of several kind of business worldwide. Ferramedia manages the full cycle of a project/contract , from inception, to funding, all the way through final execution with the support of a strong community of private and institutional partners. 
The Companies that we manage and create focus on collaborative experiences around the world with third companies and business of every type. We like to open new market for our external allies, in doing so we create synergy and values around our brands, companies and partners.


Ferramedia Holding Iran Teheran base is a Head Quarter office for Iran business development directly connected with Europe office in Berlin and Milan agent.

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Mrs. Raena Farahbod


IRAN and Asia Minor
Mrs.Raena Farahbod
Agent and PR

Company Asset:

Ferramedia Service Agency - ask for the pdf
Developing in Iran currently:

  • Pharmacies shop fitting 
  • Pharmacies renovation 
  • Pharmacies Project design 
  • Sales agents team Teheran 


Ferramedia Business Agency Teheran

Operation, sales, mediation, starting business and much more!


International business developer:
Our managers are globe trotter and we never get tired to develop new business with our clients. We have powerful team to follow up the global complex historical period we are living in. Business never sleep and today we have many new opportunities to lights up.


We can develop several business in Iran, from food to construction and more.

Our Iran business Mission on may

Meeting, briefing, proposals, deals, files sharing, numbers, projects, etc.

Teheran facility

Meeting, briefing, brainstorming room

Ferramedia Construction

Ready to take off on 19.5.2016 to Teheran, pur delegation and our Teheran office are ready to meet the best companies in Iran.

FH Teheran base

Big team for big projects and Joint Venture, our partner in Iran, office operation and logistic.

Ferramedia companies links

Please check the link and ask for more information if you are interested in collaborating with one of the Companies listed below.