GTG Philosophy

Who we are -  We are travel artisans and enthusiasts. That means that we revel in constantly exploring new adventures and experiences in the most minute details so we can incorporate them into the journeys we offer our clientele. We spend a lot of time researching, visiting and understanding sites and accommodations as well as personally contracting every single service provider on each tour. Our extensive research pays off as we are able to find unique locations and exclusive access for our clients. And that includes transportation, local guides and off the beaten path stops. Our main objective is to create unparalleled travel and learning experiences for our clients. To that end, we not only constantly search for new ideas and angles but also spend a lot of time listening to our clients’ needs and expectations through ongoing feedback and commentaries. We are able to customize tours to an individual’s needs and collect suggestions and impressions that help us deliver a very high quality experience.

Why Sicily? We live to explore and learn. We have discovered that Sicily represents the most fascinating cultural amalgam of the ancient Mediterranean cultures coupled with an irresistible vision for modern design and living that brings an ancient flavor to the present. This is where we want to take you on a journey of discovery and excitement for the infinite possibilities of our own time.
Join us for the experience of a lifetime.