"Our world is shifting. There is a contemporary tension away from industrialization toward a more natural approach to life and work in general.

Our world is shifting. There is a contemporary tension away from industrialization toward a more natural approach to life and work in general. A more sustainable way. The old concept of ‘vacation’ is transforming into traveling to learn information and techniques that we can bring back to our daily life. Traveling to learn new ways, to be exposed to examples of how life could be. We believe that at this moment in history there is a growing need for Humanity to change the paradigm. We need to look at life with different eyes, and believe that happiness and a conscious living in respect and symbiosis with nature is not only possible, but necessary. The GTG Agency represents a small blueprint of new way to think about Tourism and Traveling.

What you get

Intense training about the Workshop topic and a lot of fun!
Every day lesson with the GTG Master in our Hotels
When the Workshop has a products you can buy them and receive at your home location !!!


Ancient goldsmith suggestions is both a true fascinating travel into the past and an amazing experience in the present. We offer you the possibility to enjoy our luxury historical location in Palermo, and being in direct contact with the Sicilian goldsmith art of Michele Matranga.

Ancient Goldsmith Suggestions is a true fascinating travel, into the past and an amazing experience in the present. We offer you the possibility to enjoy our luxury historical locations in Palermo, having a deep contact with the Sicilian goldsmith art of Michele Matranga, a recognized goldsmith and mouth mounter Master. He will introduce you to the secrets of the jewelry and he will guide you to the knowledge of those techniques that turn the raw materials into a masterpiece. Once you directly experienced what passes through the wise hands of an artist and the artistic work, you will surely look with different eyes at the jewels.

You will never forget how the gold looks in its melting point, the forge, the birth in front of your eyes of a perfect copy of an ancient jewel or a precious idea fixed in an expert drawing. Sure of the value of our unique ancient history we suggest you in two innovative journeys through the routes of the Sicilian Modernism and the Sicilian Middle Ages in Palermo, making you feel the deep bond that occurred in time between places, the way of living, culture and jewels. 

The Science of Life and Longevity
Ayurveda is the science of life and longevity. Its origins is dated about 3000 years back to the Himalayas of India and it is focused on health and vitality. Rejuvenation is a specialist area in Ayurveda, such as internal medicine, gynecology or pediatrics. This branch is called Vyaya sthapanam in Sanskrit, the scientific language for Ayurveda experts. Ayurveda is rich of rejuvenation experiences and is looking back to a long period of practice. the base of its philosophy is the applied and verified knowledge about the five elements: Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

They are reflected in a materialistic and/or an energetic mode in each manifestation such as our mind and body, but also as qualities in our food and our surroundings like our working place, environment, family, society and all other subtle influences on us.

Ayurveda treatments are following a very logical steps to balance your constitution which is determined by your individual proportion of the five elements. Detoxify your body with his organs is the first step, this can be done by the nutrition, oil applications and herbal medicines and by exercises for the body and for centering yourself.

Clean the body is the second step, and the third one is to nourish the body cells. The result will show that your mind gets balanced and that your body cells will function in a more optimal way - your beauty will get its shine from inside.

Theory and Practice:

- You will get introduced to the five elements, thereby you will obtain your own inner and your own taste experience.

- You will learn about the philosophy of Ayurveda and you will get an idea of the three steps.

- You will learn experience Ayurveda treatments, which are tailored on your personal constitution.

- You will learn an Ayurveda self-treatment.

- You will learn about the theory and the evidence of Ayurveda and Rejuvenation.

- You will take home easy practices to maintain and continue the obtained experience and insights for your rejuvenation.

The Core
Discover your limit through different food and totally different habit in driving a Panda car in Palermo without almost rules!We will drive you around several experiences. You will feel alive and ready to step in a new life concept after all of this!Palermo Plan

1. Market day
We go in the middle of the FOOD World, we will visit 3 of the most old Markets in Palermo, Ballaro, Capo and Vucciria, discovering what food is at the very ultimate stage.

2. Drive Lesson day
You will drive a car in Palermo on your own, a yellow Panda, full-helmet covered, I will teach how to drive in Mediterranean/South American/South Eastern location. You will learn a lot about life generally speaking as well!

3. Local Theater day
Improvisation and natural attitude. We will play local theaters with a local Theater Company and we will have a lot of fun too.

4. Traditional Dancing day
We will dance local and traditional dancing, discovering the art of seduction in the charming south regions!

5. Family day
This is a really shock culture approach, one day off from the normal life and jump into the real Mediterranean family, life or might be better said a Sicilian one, discovering the "Backup" concept and the "nobody left behind" mindset, which has given birth to the actual Mafia code.

What will you learn?

We will learn to understand the relationship between our system and food in a state of deep awareness observation. We will see how we interact with elements and acquire the tools to realize the elements and their therapeutics properties, the tastiness of food, the biological availability and properties.
Following the neuronal pathways we will observe the process of acquiring information from the elements and the memories of our ancestor's gastronomic tours, experiment new combinations of materials available on the site, the choice of materials, methods of cooking, presentation.

No foo is prohibited, the variables depend on the doses, the moments, the combinations and compatibility, but during the courses the elements that compose the Mediterranean diet, mostly vegetarian and creatively revised, will be preferred because of their advantages.

The Core
THE MATRIX STEAK. Cypher to Smith Agent: "You know, I know this steak doesn't exist. I know that when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix is telling my brain that is juicy and delicious".

DÉJEUNER AU LE COQ D'OR. With the nowadays knowledge we have found out that also the food is information and that we can see in a new light the saying cooking is culture. The common perception of sweet, salty, spicy, bitter is shared imprinting as the result of biological, cultural, social and psychological factors. Accordingly to the guide suggested by the historical-gastronomic routes of memories, memories, emotions, feelings, conceptual paths, the drifts of taste played chase in an unraveling mix of perceptions.

Memories of billions of lives carry the images of experiences by which our ancestors were fed into a labyrinth of sensations dating back to the dawn of times. Here the intestine labyrinth unfolds that an organ associated with the unconscious and its mysteries, a place of scrambling, assimilation and transfer of data, just like the brain, which meanders resemble the shape of the walnut by a non accidental morphic assonance.

Scientists are considering the quality of food in terms of photons or quantity of light. the more the food is fresh and the higher it will be the speed of the atomic frequency, the lower is the frequency, the more the food becomes toxic. The out of phase frequency produces loss of information, disharmony and dysfunction of the system in a body as well as in a plant or in a field. The treatment consists in restoring the optimal frequency and consequently the original state of health.