If we want to be successful people we need to consider our body BioSystem in a way we never have done before.
Our “choices” quality comes from our bio system functionality. “You can control your genes by influencing your beliefs and personal attitudes. How I see the world and my perception controls not just internal biology and genetic behaviour but it controls how I create a world around me, your mind’s perception of the world changes the biology and chemistry of your body which changes the cells in your body.” Cells are made of bio matter and bio matter is energy at the first stage, our main energy source comes from food, keep in kind this process. Cells are like miniature people, since cells and humans have the same system like digestive, reproductive, immune and nervous systems. Each cell, like every human, has receptors built into its skin so it can become aware of the environment. If a person is in a stressful environment, or if we produce the stressful environment by eating wrong food or assuming low quality food, every one of our cell is also experiencing that via the electromagnetic vibrations sent throughout our body. Food is the most important way to sustain our bio-matter. Similarly, if we are happy, our cells are happy and in harmony. “Cells experience the same life you experience and it can survive outside of your body by living and growing in a tissue culture dish.” Emotion and food are strictly related, healthy and tasty food help your emotion system to be satisfied and therefore happy. Research reveals that 95% of the time humans use their subconscious mind which is the habit mind programmed from childhood till the age of 6, after which your life is controlled by those habits (emotion play huge role on that direction). While the conscious mind (logic), which we associate with our personal identity, our thinking and reasoning mind, is used only 5% of the time. In the modern society we pretend to live and taking the right choices using by logic or at the most logic way to thinking, according the research we have been done in the experiment, we use only 5% of our body potential then! The consequences of such pretending attitude are very visible every day in most of modern cities and industrial mindset environments around the World.

Edufoodgroup wish to teach out how restore balance and wise way to choose through out the Southern Italian life style and the way to approach food at 360 degrees.

Sicilian Food Academy:

Edu Food Group will be at San Lorenzo Mercato in Palermo.

Edu Food Group School

We organize workshops combining the art of cooking with an anthropological approach on, we claim to blend Science and Food awareness together. How to live a healthier and happier life by changing your food and life habits.

 It is composed by thematic cooking classes, theoretical lessons on how to live better by changing food and life habits, and group lunches to enjoy together the fruit of your work. There are 3 major steps about EFG workshop:

  • the participants understand the Biology process in our body and all the factors related to our life choices.
  • the reason behind hilliness, a human story about the not easy environment
  • how to cook a healthy food, practical session.

Sicilian Food Academy:

Throughout the world every region has its food specialties. At Edufoodgroup we believe that sustaining the body and soul through the pleasure of beautiful food should be our normal experience - rather than the exception. Here in Sicily EFG has entered into a partnership with Novoalta Gbr an international import and export business focused upon one thing only - beautiful food and GrandtourGlobe Gbr an international tour operator that will bring passionate people at the SFA. EFG food comes from organic farms and hand made pastas, to exquisite small batch fruit preserves and locally baked breads while you are staying in our exclusive Hotel Palazzo Brunaccini. Our Chef will teach you how treat and blend Sicilian super food, just got a whole lot easier with our bespoke service.
Please check our partners website to better understand what we have prepared for your professional stay.



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