Accademia del Cibo:

We create the "Academy of Food" in Sicily, Palermo, because we think Sicilian culture has something to share with the rest of the World in term of Food Heritage, therefore we decide to open the SFA in Palermo right behind one of the most suggestive Free Market of the whole mediterranean sea (Ballaro' market). Our main partner is a Palazzo Brunaccini Hotel in Palermo, and the Restaurant attached to it. GTG will arrange a special offer for bring in Palermo very food passionate people for one week long. Download the program at GTG website or below here press the button.

GTG project/idea

Grand Tour Globe, based in Berlin, and Palermo, is a uniquely positioned luxury travel and destination learning vacation business. From the deep cleansing offered by an immersion in Ayurveda to expanding physical and mental dexterity through the practice of Capoeira, in team building workshops with world class yachtsmen, or tantalizing taste buds with local foods and developing world class culinary skills each and every GTG experience is offered within an intimate group setting with a master of each skill. Our luxury accommodations are uniquely vetted to compliment your selected workshop or to be lent for total privacy and the ultimate relaxation. We offer a range of experiences which can be purchased as supplements to your holiday each of which is especially selected to provide hedonistic pleasure, cultural immersion or tick off a 'bucket list' life experience. Join us on the open seas, or in (currently) in Brazil, Italy, Japan, the United States, or Thailand. At Grand Tour Globe we are very serious about providing uncommon travel experiences for the curious connoisseur in must visit locations around the world.

Sicilian Moms:

They are the Sicilian System keepers:
our strength comes from them and their own way to deal with our complex island.
Sicilian Mon tranfers a huge amount of Love and Careness that's impossible to skip the positive irradiation!
Hope everybody one day will prove such beauty by his/her own!

Two Economic Models, the importance of cultural choice:

We need to recognize that there are currently two major economic models in Europe that are mirrored in the entire World: the Nordic-one, named Waste-Controlled and the South-one, named Waste Semi-controlled.

Certainly the most expensive is the Nordic model and I would say the most dangerous as well.

I finally was able to identify these issues after living and working for years under both economic models.

An important thing we should do is let diffuse the knowledge of such systems and allow people to understand their differences, as much as possible, through the media.

Later on when most of the population realize that the Nordic model is a self destructive model because it is based on systematic and well planned-out waste-consumption, it will be far easier to understand in which direction the Nordic model is going to lead the entire society if we don’t to stop it.

So, after we understand that semi-controlled waste is the actual solution to all our problems (back to the 1960′s semi-controlled society) we will start to look at southern countries with a lot more interest then we do today, considering that the ancient Mediterranean society in almost every aspect represents a viable, if not the only possible solution for today, full of chaos and contradictions that allow the consumer to decide when and what to consume (semi-controlled waste) not the system or the Government by issuing laws. Of course, the Nordic people will need to rid themselves of the Industrial Concept from their life (the industrial idea upon which every aspect of their own life is founded), in other words, to reject Calvinism (you are only good if you produce). Secondly, going to a place like Italy for a while in order to comprehend how an experienced multicultural ancient society deals with semi-controlled waste today. Most likely, this will at first seam strange to many people, but Italy still represents the only place in Europe where the Nordic and Southern model pretend to merge one another !

Go to Italy today and study on! Today, there still is time, but it will soon be too late.

Our biology:

“You can control your genes by influencing your beliefs and personal attitudes. How I see the world and my perception controls not just internal biology and genetic behaviour but it controls how I create a world around me, your mind’s perception of the world changes the biology and chemistry of your body which changes the cells in your body.”
Cells are like miniature people, since cells and humans have the same system like digestive, reproductive, immune and nervous systems. Each cell, like every human, has receptors built into its skin so it can become aware of the environment. If a person is in a stressful environment, every one of our cell is also experiencing that via the electromagnetic vibrations sent throughout our body. Similarly, if we are happy, our cells are happy and in harmony. “Cells experience the same life you experience and it can survive outside of your body by living and growing in a tissue culture dish,”
Research reveals that 95% of the time humans use their subconscious mind which is the habit mind programmed from childhood till the age of 6, after which your life is controlled by those habits. While the conscious mind, which we associate with our personal identity, our thinking and reasoning mind, is used only 5% of the time.